Movies & Documentary

I am a director & producer of Kingdom movies.
I aim to produce media that inspires audiences with deep revelation delivered with compelling music, beautiful music and creative genius!



I'm producing a series of documentaries called 

The first movie in the series was released in Feb 2014.



  1. Hi Ahava I watched your Documentary 2 nights ago I couldn’t sleep and the Lord led me to this YouTube Documentary I could not stop watching it I watched the whole thing it was amazing! My spirit is so stirred up Thankyou Child of God for sharing this video, your insights, and your Faith you are Truly an Ambassador of Christ as am I. I enjoy listening to what you speak which is his word. I just watched the video on Wisdom wow! You have brought a whole new perspective on the Spirit of Wisdom!!! Hallelujah May God continue to Poor out his Love, His gifts and His Blessings to you, your family and your Blessings!!!

  2. Hi, maybe not the best place for this comment, but I love watching you and your husband Tom during your healing ministry with the Cardboard Box Church. Now, here I have a link to some books that I am reading on the life of Jesus. I think they are great, and maybe, if it would be of any interst to you, they could serve as inspiration for a movie?


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